September Notes

A Plan for the Studio

September always starts out as a bit of a blur due to my teaching schedule and this week it was glorious as my time has freed up a bit. I returned to one of my favorite practices.

Writing a long list of everything I want to get done in the studio during week in my studio sketchbook.

I love lists and when combined with the tracking of my studio hours, I am much more focused on the things that matter.

It’s Wednesday morning I’ve already checked off a few of those items. Today is a big studio day with no teaching or coaching. Yahoo – I love days like this on my calendar mid week. A bit of rarity.

And then as you can see I’m off on a 3 day long artist retreat with a group of mostly traditional quilters. It’s just incredible fun and super crazy productive. We meet 3 times a year and it is so good to get away and just create and make things for 3 solid days.

A Studio Visit & a Citizenship

My month started with a studio visit and interview by Patricia Belyea. It was a treat to show her around Kapiti and my studio and talk about quilting and teaching.

She wrote a lovely blog post about her visit: lisa call: quilt artist in kiwi land.

Lots of great photos. And as she mentions in that article, today is the day I become an official kiwi.

If you are ever in the area and would like to stop by for a studio visit do let me know!

The Teaching Stuff

This month my two long running online programs began (both sold out – yahoo.)

It is always a bit of a mission with the setting up of the classroom and getting everyone settled into the website and coaching all the bits and pieces the come together into my classes.

There is still more to do but the most immediate pressing things are out of the way. I now longer wake up feeling like I’m behind and I owe something to someone.

Right now I have no online classes you can sign up for – which will be remedied soon. I’m going to test out a new model for teaching Working in a Series – a week long intensive. Plus I will finally offer the class as a self paced course. And a few other courses I’m working on. So stay tuned over on makebigart for the initial announcement.