Working in a Series II

Course Description

“I signed up for Lisa’s Working in a Series workshop because someone had told me that they had heard that Lisa was a wonderful teacher. Boy, they were NOT wrong!!!

Lisa’s on-line workshops are very well organized and designed to help you to keep moving forward. You have constant reminders and deadlines. The conference call lectures are very informative. You never have the feeling that you are doing an on-line workshop vs. an in class workshop.

For me, the most motivating part about the class was the e-mails that we received 3 times a week. The information, prompts, encouragement that I received in each of these e-mails was well worth the price of admission. Every time I sit and work, things I read in those e-mails come to mind & they help me to move forward.

I highly recommend taking a class with Lisa & I look forward to signing up for further classes. ”

~Cindy Kuo
Northbrook, IL

Part II of Working in a Series. Part I covers the how and why to work in a series and students get what could be their first taste of that process. In this workshop it is assumed you know how to work in a series and you are ready to dive in deeper:

  • Exploring additional ways to expand and view your series.
  • Pushing your work deeper.
  • Figuring out how to put the “wow” factor into your series.
  • Investigating more of the mindsets that impact our artistic process.

Over the course of this 10 week workshop you will create additional artworks in an existing series, or you might start a new series. Be ready to push yourself to create the best work of your career through intensive focus on your studio practice. Each student will be setting individual goals and working towards them with measured progress and accountability along the way. Students will be writing formal written critiques of their completed artwork.

As in the first Working in a Series workshop, we will explore 3 new artists who work in a series each week (both famous and lesser known) to dive deeper into understanding why and how artists working in series.

In addition we will have a weekly mindset topic that we will use to navigate through the traps and pleasures of being an artist cover topics such as habits, originality, what makes are remarkable, procrastination and more.

Note that this class does NOT include technique instruction. Students are expected to have the art making skills necessary to create their assignments.

This class is appropriate to be taken by all visual artists as the concepts we cover apply to all medium, not just textile art. Any media is acceptable: painting, drawing, encaustic, weaving, quilt making (piecing, applique, fusing, embellishment), surface design, etc.

Working in a Series I is a prerequisite for this workshop.  If you think you are ready for this class but have not taken Working in a Series I, please email me so we can determine what class is best for you.

My Intention and Qualifications.

As with all of my workshops, my biggest intention is to provide my students the confidence and tools so they can move their art forward by leaps and bounds.

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

“This course was all I was hoping it would be and much more. I am so appreciative of the time and thought you put into your responses to our thoughts and our work. The structure of the course and the topics you researched and presented to us were exactly what I needed at this point in my development as an artist.

The class work ethic was truly inspiring – it pushed me to do so much more than I thought possible!

Thank you for everything Lisa. I’m really looking forward to working with you in the future!”

~Wendy Tribulski
Avalon, NJ

Prerequisites – Artwork

You must…

  • …have taken Working in a Series I or demonstrated equivalent knowledge
  • …have all materials, supplies and tools you will need to create the artwork in your chosen style and technique.
  • …have the knowledge and skill to create artwork in your chosen technique.
  • …be willing to work hard and focus.
  • …leave all self deprecating thoughts at the door and be ready to think big about your art
  • …be ready to reflect upon their experience so you can grow
  • …and, of course, have fun. Laughter is encouraged.

Some of those things might make you uncomfortable and they might scare you. But if you have an open mind and are willing to give it a try, you qualify.

It is recommended you document your work in this class in a journal or sketchbook.



Prerequisites – Computer Skills

  • Ability to take clear, in focus photos of your artwork with a digital camera.
  • Ability to re-size and prepare your images for the internet.
  • Ability to upload images via a WordPress blog. A step by step tutorial will be provided but each student must master this skill. It’s really quite simple and involves clicking a few buttons and links.
Content for this course has been rolled into the Master Class.

Online Course Logistics

The online material and discussions will take place on a private class website.

  • Course material will be provided via recorded lectures, which students can listen to at their convenience.
  • Additional written course material will be emailed Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
  • There will be 8 assignments which are to be uploaded to the group website.
  • I will review student assignments once a week during live web-conferences (see below for specific dates and times).
  • Reviews will be recorded for those that can not attend live.
  • A portion of the review will be reserved for questions and answers.
  • Each participant will have 2 private phone conversations with me during the 5th and 10th week of class for detailed individual feedback on assignments and to go over any questions you might have.
  • Additional class discussion and questions will be held each week on the website.


Not Sure If You Should Take this Workshop?

Please Don’t Signup for This Workshop If…

  • …You have an unwillingness to explore the same theme in detail by diving deeper with each exercise. If working in a series is not your thing, this is not your workshop.
  • …You don’t want to learn more about yourself and your art making. I’ll be encouraging introspection and reflection.
  • …You are happy with your status quo. This is a workshop for those that are ready to dig in and move forward in a big way with their art.

Maybe another class is a better fit. See all of my online workshops here.

“I signed up for Lisa’s online course to support me to make a step change in my art practice. The course certainly supported me to make a major change in my work as I intended. However, I gained so much more from my participation than just a new creative direction, important though that is. I was reminded of the joys and challenges of being an artist, my need to make work that is authentic and the importance of having and maintaining a clear creative focus. As I worked through the email and exercises over the ten weeks of the course I learnt some new skills, dusted off some old ones and did some experimenting.

The course is intensive and fast moving with weekly assignments. The emails, links and other resources Lisa provided were up to date, considered, interesting and extensive, going well beyond my expectations in their thoughtfulness, range and depth. As well as using the work of well known and less well known artists as examples, there was also lots of material on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of being an artist including practical strategies for making art in the busy and complex world we now live in. The sections on goals, focus and decluttering were especially helpful to me. I will work through the materials again over the coming months to learn more.

As the course progressed Lisa’s open, generous and straightforward style became clearer. I much enjoyed the sense she shares with students that an artistic life is important and that we are all exploring and seeking to make better art. This peer to peer style suited me. This openness was also present through the website where we could see the work of the other participants as it developed during the course.

On a practical note I found that being based in the UK worked well. We used Skype for our calls which was fine. For me a bonus of taking a course from a US based tutor was experiencing a different view of the world and accessing a wider range of information and resources.

I thoroughly recommend Lisa’s Working in a Series course as a rich and rewarding learning experience.”

~Helen Parrott
Sheffield, England


Current Schedule

Content for this course has been rolled into the Master Class – please register for that workshop instead.