Master Class

Course Description

The format for 2015 will be different than what is described here.  I’ll have details of the master class available by early December at the latest.


Class Structure:

All Students:

  • Monthly individual goal setting assignments.
  • Weekly accountability checkins.
  • Monthly live group conversations covering artbiz topics (call will also be recorded).
  • Occasional worksheets and small assignments to help you on your artistic path.
  • 1 private phone/skype call at the beginning of class to set goals.
  • 1 private phone/skype call at the end of class to review your achievements.
  • 6 additional private phone/skype calls with me to be used at any time during the year.
  • The option to purchase additional private phone/skype calls as needed.
  • Ongoing online discussion with myself and fellow classmates on our private facebook group.

Art Review Track Students:

  • All of the above plus…
  • Ongoing instruction and support on how to critique your own artwork.
  • A review of your critique of your work.
  • Monthly group web conference for critique of student work.

Are you ready to aim for the remarkable with your artwork?

Are you ready to make a long term commitment to your art goals? To your studio practice?

If so, the master class is for you.

The benefit of participating in this type of workshop is to bring awareness to your goals and your progress and to get the support and accountability needed to make huge leaps forward in your art career.

Previous students have made incredible strides in the art and in their art business when enrolled in this workshop.  From booking 3 solo shows in a single year to gaining a new level of confidence in their work.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish with the right support.

This long term workshop (a 1 year commitment) is for students that don’t need assistance in the creation of their artwork but are looking for a structured environment in which to flourish.

Each month you’ll set goals for both your studio and art biz tasks and then do a weekly check-in with me on how it is going. I’ll provide support and feedback along with a monthly review of your progress.

In addition we’ll have an ongoing discussion on a variety of artist centric topics on both a private facebook group and in a monthly live group phone call.  Topics will range from mindsets to artbiz to the state of the art world.   Students will be encouraged to present topics for group discussion as the course evolves.

Art Review Track  – for students who would also like a review/critique of your artwork on a monthly basis in addition to the above features.  The review will be held during a group web-conference once a month.

This class is appropriate to be taken by all visual artists working as the concepts we are covering apply to all medium, not just textile art.

If you are ready for a giant leap forward in your art making – the master class commitment is for you.

Experience Level: Advanced



“I want to thank you very much for helping me to resolve some of my issues around my work.  Having someone to talk to is awesome.

I have reviewed my November goals after talking to you yesterday and and I am feeling much happier.

I am not going to change what I do, that is what I do.  Normally what happens at this point in my art work I dump everything and start again.  This time I am going to stay with it and persevere.  I have some new ideas and now I have the will.

Woohoo! Smile!”

~Trisha Findlay
New Zealand

Prerequisites – Artwork

You must…

  • …have all materials, supplies and tools you will need to create the artwork in your chosen style and medium.
  • …have the knowledge and skill to create artwork in your chosen medium.
  • …be willing to work hard and focus.
  • …leave all self deprecating thoughts at the door and be ready to think big about your art
  • …be ready to reflect upon their experience so you can grow
  • …and, of course, have fun. Laughter is encouraged.

Prerequisites – Computer Skills

  • Ability to take clear, in focus photos of your artwork with a digital camera.
  • Ability to re-size and prepare your images for the internet.
  • Ability to upload images via a WordPress blog. A step by step tutorial will be provided but each student must master this skill. It’s really quite simple and involves clicking a few buttons and links.
  • You must have a facebook profile to participate in this workshop.


The 2014 Master Class begins on March 3, 2014.

SOLD OUT for 2014


Registration for 2015 will begin by end of December (if there is space available after the 2015 participants re-enroll)

 Prerequisites – Previous Course Work

If you have not previously been a student in my master class or completed Working in a Series, please email me so we can discuss if this class is appropriate for you.

This class is not appropriate for beginners, but if you are working independently in your studio and ready to make a huge leap forward this could be the class for you.

“I’m not sure I have ever been as sad to see a class end as when I finished the Master Class with Lisa Call.

The monthly one-on-one calls with Lisa never disappointed. She is skilled at getting to the crux of what I most need to discuss and hear. I really appreciate having someone so dedicated and knowledgeable to bounce ideas off. Everyone should have someone like Lisa in their corner!

The weekly topics were always something to look forward to, discussing many relevant aspects of being productive and remarkable.

Lisa’s approach to goal setting and productivity is spot on. All of the class participants, myself included, had a very productive 6 months, and have learned and reinforced skills to keep us working effectively.

All of the structure and support led to some pretty amazing artwork. It was great to see what everyone accomplished.”

Dahlia Clark, Textile Artist
Ontario, Canada


Not Sure If You Belong in the Master Class?

Please Don’t Signup for This Workshop If…

  • …You aren’t interested in setting goals.
  • …You don’t want to be held accountable to do what you said you were going to do.
  • …You don’t want to learn more about yourself and your art making. I’ll be encouraging introspection and reflection.
  • …You are happy with your status quo. This is a workshop for those that are ready to dig in and move forward in a big way with their art.


Maybe another class is a better fit. See all of my online workshops here.

Current Schedule

SOLD OUT for 2014

Registration for 2015 will begin by end of December (if there is space available after the 2015 participants re-enroll)