Master Class


In 2013 I took the Master Class from Lisa Call with the idea of gaining extra momentum, focus and purpose with my painting.

Stretching out over a number of months, Lisa has set up a real-world course for makers that keeps you moving towards your goals and beyond.

The topics covered are relevant, from productivity and business, to a life of making and more. She puts forth plenty of examples, methods and systems that are inspiring and practical.

With this course, I came away with a number of caveats that truly allowed me to break new ground.

For myself the course gave me a frame work to examine personal questions in regards to making, and helped me wrap my head around a life of making.

And, of course all tied in to the continual push to make strong, remarkable work — I am definitely putting together stronger work today due to having taken this class from Lisa.

~Gregory Vasgerdsian, California


Sorry! Sold Out for 2015.

Check back in early 2016 for the next session.


As an alternative…

check out my Co-Active coaching packages.



What is Possible?  Let’s Make it Happen!

You work independently in your studio but you aren’t always sure which direction to take next.   You have some questions…

Should you show?  Should you sell?  Should you teach?  Should you focus on your studio?  AND how do you DO those things?

Are You Ready to….

  • Explore your dreams for your art career?
  • Settle on direction that resonates deeply?
  • Gain clarity on all aspects of your ideal life?
  • Create a sustainable plan of action to move you towards your dream?
  • Identify limiting beliefs and moving beyond them?  Not just with art but in all areas of your life?
  • Turn down the voice of the inner critic and turn up your supportive voices?

Then the master class is for you.


  • personal coaching
  • consulting calls
  • ongoing group support
  • customized goal setting and accountability structures to fit your personalized needs

you won’t just think and dream about what you want – you will start making it happen.


Is it YOUR time for transformation?



Class Structure:

  • Monthly coaching call with Lisa – a trained coactive coach.
  • Customized goal setting structure to meet your specific needs
  • Personalized accountability checkins to fit your style of working.
  • Monthly group consulting call – ask Lisa questions on any topics you’d like – from artbiz to mindsets.
  • Ongoing online discussion with myself and fellow classmates on our private facebook group.
  • Access to the class website with access to articles on a variety of business topics.  Including access to my goal setting and systems workshops.

Course Description

The benefit of participating in this type of workshop is to bring awareness to your goals and your progress and to get the support and accountability needed to make huge leaps forward in your art career.

Previous students have made incredible strides in the art and in their art business when enrolled in this workshop.  From booking 3 solo shows in a single year to gaining a new level of confidence in their work.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish with the right support.

This long term workshop (a 1 year commitment) is for students that don’t need assistance in the creation of their artwork but are looking for a structured environment in which to flourish.

Through monthly co-active coaching calls you will gain clarity on your direction.

You will set goals for your life, your studio and your art career in a personalized format that supports your way of working. I’ll provide customized support and feedback to help keep you on track.

We’ll have an ongoing discussion on a variety of artist centric topics on both a private facebook group and in a monthly live group phone call.  Topics will range from mindsets to artbiz to the state of the art world.

This class is appropriate to be taken by all visual artists working as the concepts we are covering apply to all medium, not just textile art.

If you are ready for a giant leap forward in your art making – the master class commitment is for you.

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced



At the end of 2013, I took an inventory of what I accomplished during the year and was amazed at how much I done. I give a lot of credit to participating in the spring and fall Master Class with Lisa Call.

Here are just a few things I accomplished:

• Designed and constructed 10 quilt tops and finished 4 quilts.
• Entered into my first national juried art show and got both entries accepted.
• Documented how I photograph my quilts including the Photoshop process to edit the images.
• Completed 8 chapters from Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain
• Redesigned my blog/website
• Created a Fan Page on Facebook for my artwork

After two back-to-back Master Class workshops, I got a little cocky and thought I would try going solo. Boy, did I get a strong dose of reality. Without the accountability and structure that the Master Class provides, I got very little done in January and February 2014. As a result, I just signed up for Lisa’s redesigned 12 month Master Class.

The main benefit from participating in the Master Class is the accountability structure. But, that is not the only thing.

Lisa provides encouragement, attaboys, and the occasional nudge to get cracking if you are not fulfilling YOUR goals. Each participant is different and sets their own goals. Participants are at different stages of their art careers and also from different mediums. Because Lisa’s workshops are not technique-driven, they are applicable to any visual artist.

Throughout the workshop, Lisa is extremely generous in her knowledge of the artist’s mindset, the art business, and the world of art in general.

Finally, the important aspect of the Master Class is the other participants. The camaraderie within the group is fabulous; providing another layer of accountability and usually a built-in cheering section.

~Carol Trice, Dallax, Texas

“I want to thank you very much for helping me to resolve some of my issues around my work.  Having someone to talk to is awesome.

I have reviewed my November goals after talking to you yesterday and and I am feeling much happier.

I am not going to change what I do, that is what I do.  Normally what happens at this point in my art work I dump everything and start again.  This time I am going to stay with it and persevere.  I have some new ideas and now I have the will.

Woohoo! Smile!”

~Trisha Findlay
New Zealand

Prerequisites – Artwork

You must…

  • …have all materials, supplies and tools you will need to create the artwork in your chosen style and medium.
  • …have the knowledge and skill to create artwork in your chosen medium.
  • …be willing to work hard and focus.
  • …leave all self deprecating thoughts at the door and be ready to think big about your art
  • …be ready to reflect upon their experience so you can grow
  • …and, of course, have fun. Laughter is encouraged.

Prerequisites – Computer Skills

  • You must have a facebook profile to participate in this workshop.
  • Additional computer skills will depend on the customized goal setting and accountability structure we set up for your specific needs.  It could be emails, it could be updating a private wordpress site.  We will design something that works for YOU.




The 2015 Master Class begins on March 1, 2015.

Sold Out for 2015 – Check back in early 2016 for the next session

 Prerequisites – Previous Course Work

If you have not previously been a student in my master class or completed Working in a Series, please email me so we can discuss if this class is appropriate for you.


Not Sure If You Belong in the Master Class?

Please Don’t Signup for This Workshop If…

  • …You aren’t interested in setting goals.
  • …You don’t want to be held accountable to do what you said you were going to do.
  • …You don’t want to learn more about yourself and your art making. I’ll be encouraging introspection and reflection.
  • …You are happy with your status quo. This is a workshop for those that are ready to dig in and move forward in a big way with their art.

Maybe another class is a better fit. See all of my online workshops here.


If you are working independently in your studio this is the class for you if you are ready for 2015 to be the year of the big leap.



“I’m not sure I have ever been as sad to see a class end as when I finished the Master Class with Lisa Call.

The monthly one-on-one calls with Lisa never disappointed. She is skilled at getting to the crux of what I most need to discuss and hear. I really appreciate having someone so dedicated and knowledgeable to bounce ideas off. Everyone should have someone like Lisa in their corner!

The weekly topics were always something to look forward to, discussing many relevant aspects of being productive and remarkable.

Lisa’s approach to goal setting and productivity is spot on. All of the class participants, myself included, had a very productive 6 months, and have learned and reinforced skills to keep us working effectively.

All of the structure and support led to some pretty amazing artwork. It was great to see what everyone accomplished.”

Dahlia Clark, Textile Artist
Ontario, Canada

Current Schedule

The 2015 master class will begin on March 1, 2015.

Group phone calls will be held once a month during the day on weekdays and will be recorded for those that are unable to attend the calls live.

You will schedule your own Individual coaching calls at times that are convenient for you each month. Note that few call times on the weekends are available.


Sold Out for 2015 – Check back in early 2016 for the next session