Abstraction - an online workshop with Lisa Call, Denver, Colorado

Course Description

“I completed an online workshop entitled “Abstraction” with Lisa in October 2012. The format of the workshop and Lisa’s commitment were inspiring. There were 4 parts to the workshop and I found each part really valuable for myself as a person and as a quilt artist.Firstly each week was devoted to some aspect of life as an artist ie belief, trust, vulnerability and so on. For me it was really valuable to be able to think about myself and my self-beliefs in an organised and safe way. Thank you Lisa. I felt I grew in confidence and belief as a person over the course of the workshop.

Secondly, the subject “Abstraction” was supported with a thorough chronological review of the development of abstract art. This review, with examples and commentary, moved from the expressionists to the minimalists and pop art.

Lisa presented this information, combined with a preview of the week and aspects of life as an artist in weekly lectures and emails.

We had 6 assignments, each one looked at a different aspect of abstraction. And each assignment was commented on and discussed by Lisa in a very competent and non-threatening manner. I enjoyed each assignment, some I found more challenging than others. I was able to complete work; normally a lot of what I do ends up in the corner or just stays in my head.

Finally Lisa contacted all the participants personally twice during the course to discuss any aspects of the workshops or my own practice I wanted to talk about. This discussion was organised with a series of questions sent before the discussion which helped me to focus and think about what I wanted. This was really valuable because I could ask about little things like organising sketchbooks or how to hang my work.

I thoroughly recommend this workshop and on that basis any of Lisa’s online workshops. She is very organised, very committed and kind.

~Trisha Findlay
Masterton, New Zealand

Are you ready to study, understand and practice abstraction?

In this 10 week online workshop you will obtain a deeper understanding of the question “What is abstraction?” by exploring the artwork of dozens of abstract artists.

You will develop a vocabulary of abstract elements and learn to create personal and meaningful abstract compositions through weekly studio composition exercises.

The assignments cover both non-objective abstraction and the process of abstracting reality. There are also assignments that help you investigate the role of planning and generation of ideas in your creative process.

You will learn how to write formal written critiques and will have ample opportunity to practice this skill as you evaluate each of your assignments. I will provide both written and verbal feedback on your work throughout the class.

Mindsets are an important part of the workshop and we’ll dive into our thoughts and beliefs around our art making and studio practices to strengthen both. We’ll be looking at topics such as trust, vulnerability, limiting beliefs, personality types, habits, confidence and much more.

Note that this class does NOT include technique instruction. Students are expected to have the art/quilt making skills necessary to create the assignments. No specific techniques are required – painting, drawing, quilt making (piecing, applique, fusing, embellishment), surface design, etc – any medium is acceptable.

My Intention and Qualifications.

As with all of my workshops, my biggest intention is to provide my students the confidence and tools so they can move their art forward by leaps and bounds.
Experience Level: Advanced Beginner to Advanced

Prerequisites – Artwork

You must…

  • …have all materials, supplies and tools you will need to create the artwork in your chosen style and medium.
  • …have the knowledge and skill to create artwork in your chosen medium.
  • …be willing to work hard and focus.
  • …leave all self deprecating thoughts at the door and be ready to think big about your art
  • …be ready to reflect upon their experience so you can grow
  • …and, of course, have fun. Laughter is encouraged.

Some of those things might make you uncomfortable and they might scare you. But if you have an open mind and are willing to give it a try, you qualify.

It is recommended you document your work in this class in a journal or sketchbook.


“Lisa you offer the best online courses. Your attention to detail, efficiency, advise and resources are over the top. You deliver everything you promise and then some.Your spot on critiques are informative and yet kind. After taking Working in A Series and then Abstraction, I feel completely prepared to create new art. I am motivated by the validations you gave me.

I will recommend your courses to anyone who is serious about improving their art. You take your art and your teaching very seriously. I am totally delighted with what I learned.

Thank You so much!”

~Debbie Babin

Prerequisites – Computer Skills

  • Ability to take clear, in focus photos of your artwork with a digital camera.
  • Ability to re-size and prepare your images for the internet.
  • Ability to upload images via a WordPress blog. A step by step tutorial will be provided but each student must master this skill. It’s really quite simple and involves clicking a few buttons and links.


What are Students Saying about Abstractions?

Visit my alumni directory for images of former students’ artwork and read more of their thoughts about the workshop.


The investment for 10 weeks of instruction is $677 
Workshop starting September 1, 2014

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Online Course Logistics

The online material and discussions will take place on a private class website.

  • Course material will be provided via recorded lectures, which students can watch at their convenience.
  • Additional written course material will be emailed Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
  • There will be 8 assignments which are to be uploaded to the group website.
  • I will review student assignments once a week during live web-conferences (see below for specific dates and times).
  • Reviews will be recorded for those that can not attend live.
  • A portion of the review will be reserved for questions and answers.
  • Each participant will have 2 private phone conversations with me during the 5th and 10th week of class for detailed individual feedback on assignments and to go over any questions you might have.
  • Additional class discussion and questions will be held each week on the website.


Still Not Sure?

Please Don’t Signup for This Workshop If…

  • You have an unwillingness to explore what motivates your artwork on visual, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • You don’t want to learn more about yourself and what informs your art. I’ll be encouraging introspection and reflection. This workshop isn’t for you if you aren’t willing explore your thoughts.
  • You aren’t willing to invest time in learning. This is a workshop has extensive written and studio assignments as we learn by doing.

Maybe another class is a better fit. See all of my online workshops here.

“I received a lot more out of these classes than I can explain.I received a concise and comprehensive education into 20th century art movements and can apply this when visiting art centers and museums. I saw art in her classes I just loved and pieces I did not enjoy so much, but I now have an idea of where I might be moving on this continuum of modern/abstract art. I see choices of abstract styles I can move my work towards, now that I have a bit of knowledge of the past.

Through objective and non objective abstraction exercises I have moved my art from my safe sailboat images to abstract horizontal and vertical line compositions but with content implied in my work. I had been searching for this and was kind of stuck on sailboat images of Florida.

I am learning about balance and to create a composition from simple shapes through Lisa’s exercises. I enjoyed the structure of Lisa’s exercises as they followed guidelines but resulted in my own compositions.

The online workshop format worked out well for me. The structure of the class website allowed me to see everyone class work and Lisa’s reviews when I wished to do so. I appreciated that Lisa was always available-just like in an in person workshop. I also appreciated I had all my supplies, not just a kit I packed, but everything around me while working on the assignments.

I really thank my husband for giving me this excellent class and Lisa for offering it to us. Her inbox must certainly be full.”

~Pam Morris


Current Schedule

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Workshop starting September 1, 2014

Assignments due:

Saturdays – September 13, 20, 27, October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 1.

Live Assignment Review Group Calls:

Sundays or Mondays at 12 noon Mountain (11am Pacific, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern).

September 14, 22, 28, October 5, 12, 19, 27, November 2.

NOTE: 6 of the review calls will be held on Sunday, 2 will be held on Monday.

If you are unable to attend the live call, a recording will be available on the class website. It is not required you be available at these times to participate in class.

Individual Phone Calls:

During the week of September 29 and November 3rd.

The investment for 10 weeks of instruction is $677 

1 space remaining

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