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February 2010 - Vol 3, Issue 3
Notes from the Studio
Spring Snow in Denver - ©Lisa Call


This was my backyard a few days ago. Blanketed in thick, wet, heavy snow. It was certainly beautiful, peaceful.

This is also how I've felt all of March. Covered by a heavy blanket, unable to move, no energy to do much of anything. This was a lot less beautiful as the days went on. The peacefulness of resting was slowly replaced with agitation at my lack of motivation.

The snow has melted in my yard and spring is in the air. A few days ago I also decided to shed the blanket of inertia and get moving again.

And so on this last day of March, I am writing and sending my March studio newsletter.

Enjoy, and as usual, thank you for subscribing and supporting my art and sharing my journey.


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New Big Art
Abstract Textile Painting / Contemporary Art Quilt - Structures #16 ©2003 by Lisa Call

Structures #16
©2003 Lisa Call
Textile Painting (Fabric hand dyed by the artist, cotton batting, cotton thread)
48" x 35"

As I have not created any new big artwork in the last month, I'm revisiting one of my older textile paintings to give a sense of history in my development as an artist.

In the fall of 2002 I went on a week long backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon.

When I returned from my trip, I dyed fabric in colors that said "Grand Canyon" to me. I then made artwork inspired from my experience and memories. Structures #16 is the first of these artworks.

One of the prominent features of the Canyon are the different layers and types of rock that are exposed as one travels deeper into the earth. The names of these layers and the types of rocks are an often discussed topic when in the canyon and the inspiration for this quilt.

The layers in this artwork are not intended to be an accurate representation of the layers but are instead an abstraction of my experience traveling through them. I never learned or memorized the proper names as I was too busy focusing on the awe inspiring beauty and magic of the canyon itself.

News from the Studio

Color Improvisations  
I will have 2 large textile paintings on display in the invitational Color Improvisations exhibit in Stuttgart, Germany from July 11-August 25, 2010. Additional details of this exhibit are here: Color Improvisations Website.


I've recently been schedule to give several talks/interviews that are geared towards other artists. This is the type of work I enjoy doing with my MakeBigArt adventure.  
Time Management: The Artist and the Internet  
On April 10th I will be giving a talk on time management at the Create Denver Expo, in Denver, Colorado. You can register here.

The Expo is a day-long event that provides creative individuals and businesses a “one-stop” opportunity to learn and gain awareness of the various services and programs that can help them to stabilize their creative businesses and plan for the future.

Teleseminar for IAPQ  
On April 8, I will be giving a teleclass, Using Social Networking to Grow Your Quilt Business, for members of the International Association of Professional Quilters. Details are here. Note that you must be a member of IAPQ to listen to this call.

Interview on Art Heroes Radio  
My radio interview with John T Unger on Art Heroes Radio is available for playback here: How to be a famous artist without quitting your day job, a conversation with Lisa Call.

New Collectible Small Art

I did spend a few hours in my studio the last 6 weeks and these newest tiny textile paintings, based on the larger artwork from my Dwelling exhibit, are the result of that effort. These are known as ACEOS (see below for definition) in some art circles.

These smaller works are a great way for those with a smaller art budget to own original artwork.

Abstract Textile Painting / Home #34 ©2010 by Lisa Call

Home #34
Informed by Home #10
©2010 Lisa Call
3.5" x 2.5"
Textile Painting
Purchase Here  

Abstract Textile Painting / Home #41 ©2010 by Lisa Call

Home #41
Informed by Home #11
©2010 Lisa Call
2.5" x 3.5"
Textile Painting
Purchase Here  

Abstract Textile Painting / Home #45 ©2010 by Lisa Call

Home #45
Informed by Home #12
©2010 Lisa Call
3.5" x 2.5"
Textile Painting
Purchase Here  

Abstract Textile Painting / Home #48 ©2010 by Lisa Call

Home #48
Informed by Home #22
©2010 Lisa Call
3.5" x 2.5"
Textile Painting
Purchase Here  


Note from a Collector:

My precious ACEO arrived over the weekend to my great delight. Thanks so much for the personal attention you put into our exchange. I'm loving watching your Dwellings work progress. It's great that you've decided on the Rothko Chapel as your reward.



For a complete view of all of my available art trading cards/ACEOs please see my art card webpage.


*ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. Also known as an ATC for Artist Trading Card. The primary rule for an ACEO or ATC is they measurer 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" - the size of a trading card. They are created in many different mediums and are collectible, trade able and affordable art for everyone.

My ACEOs are made using the same techniques as my larger textile paintings with my hand dyed fabric, batting and thread. In essence they are miniature quilts, although due to their size and the density of my stitching they are rigid like a trading card.

Thoughts from the Studio

To Flounder or Not to Flounder

After putting in 300 hours in my studio (plus my day job) to get my solo show ready in January and February, I was tired and needed to refuel. So I decided to take a break.

In addition to a few weeks relaxing, I also rewarded myself with a weekend trip to see the Rothko Chapel and immerse myself in the amazing art in Houston.

This was exactly what I needed. I came back from Texas full of ideas and ready for the next chapter in my studio.

But then nothing happened. I did nothing. I didn't go to my studio. I didn't post the images from my opening on my website. I didn't write about the amazing trip to Houston.

I didn't push myself. Decided I was going to just watch TV and movies on my computer every night.

Six weeks later I'm still doing nothing.

It's very easy to justify the nothing, to claim burnout.

Yet I know there is more involved. I was over the burnout weeks ago. I'm now floundering in inertia. I'm verging on falling into depression.

So I have a decision, do I continue to sit back and wait for divine intervention for my energy to return?

Or do I push myself to get back on track? I know how to do this. I make short to do lists. I complete the big scary tasks on my list first as I know they are blocking me from moving forward. I schedule time in my studio and show up every day. I schedule down time and friend time so I stay connected and don't burn out.

A few days ago I vote for getting back on track. Because if I want to reach my goals, I need to move forward, and I can't do that sitting in front of a computer watching yet another episode of Bones.

As the saying goes: 90% of success is just showing up.

It's time for me to show up.

Introducing - Daniel Sroka

Tribal Pendants ©2010 Julie Picarello

© Daniel Sroka
An abstract macro photograph of a fallen leaf
(reprinted with permission by the artist)

Daniel Sroka is an impressively talented artist I've known for years via the internet. We first crossed paths via our blogs and now he's a near daily voice in my twitter stream, always with insightful comments about art, being an artist and life.

I absolutely love his abstract nature photography. What he can do with a macro lens is pure magic.

In Daniels words this is how he works:

"I work like a sculptor who lets the flaws and veins of a stone guide his chisel. As I explore each object, I let its unique characteristics guide my hand and eye, allowing me to discover patterns and forms hidden within the material."

Yes - definitely magic.

You can see more of his artwork here: Daniel Sroka: Fine Art Abstracts of Nature.

In addition to his fine art business he is also the owner of Modern Ketubah, where he combines his nature photography with words to create beautiful works of art to express the love and commitment of couples' marriage vows.

-- Each month I introduce my readers a new artist. I enjoy learning about new artists and also love sharing with my readers the talent of the amazing artists I know and admire.

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