The links provided here are for products and services I personally use in my artwork and to support my art business.

Art Supplies

  • FabricPimatex PFD – this is the only type of fabric I currently use in my artwork. This fabric is hard to find in large quantities in stores so I sell it online with minimal overhead to other textile artists.
  • DyesPro Chemical and Dye – I use Procion MX Dyes to dye my fabric. There are many places to purchase this dye online, my favorite is Pro Chemical.
  • ThreadValdani – I use their 50wt 100% cotton hand dyed solids when adding the surface stitching to my textile paintings.
  • BattingWarm and Natural – I wait for a 40% or 50% off sale or coupon when buying a full roll of batting from Joanne fabric online.

Office Supplies

  • Shipping BoxesUline for boxes and Yazoo Mills for indestructible mailing tubes.

Art and Business Coaching

Business Software

  • CapsuleCRM – cloudbased CRM software that I use to manage my contact list.
  • Asana – project management softward that use use to manage my systems, tasks and todo lists.
  • Dropbox – online file storage


  • Web hostinglunarpages – I’ve hosted my website at lunarpages since 2004 and am pleased with their service. They have excellent customer service and reliability.
  • Website and Blog – wordpress powers the internet. My websites and blogs are no exception.
  • WordPress ThemeThe Thesis Theme for WordPress – I pay for a premium wordpress theme (the software that sits on top of wordpress to make it look pretty). While wordpress is free and easy to use, paying for thesis makes it even easier to design, maintain and update my website.
  • Free button generator


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* Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I might make some money if you use my link to make a purchase. I only recommend products and services I strongly believe in and use myself.