South African Impressions (Dream) – The Backstory

African Landscape

How the South African Impressions Project came to happen…

The Adventure and Project

In August in 2009 I will be spending 3 1/2 weeks in South Africa and upon my return I’m going to embark on a large art project, creating textile paintings & drawings based upon my experiences, photos and memories. I might even venture into other mediums if things pan out like envision.

I’m pretty excited about the project and plan to do both abstract and some more representational work (although these are likely to be fairly abstract also). I am intending to do quite a few landscape based drawings and textile paintings and suspect a large portion of the work will be in this area as I’m interested in venturing into this area of abstract landscapes.

I also anticipate there will some very colorful artworks as I’m going on an arts and crafts tour of South Africa so it won’t all be brown and desert and plants and animals. I’m also anticipating some bright cheerful color inspiration also.

African Landscape

An Opportunity

I’ll be making between 5-10 larger textile paintings and numerous smaller pieces from ACEOs (2.5″x2.5″) up to 12″ square.

I’m offering an opportunity to prepurchase the smaller artworks at a discount, paying 1/2 now to reserve a piece and 1/2 when the art work is available, which I anticipate some time in October.

Because you will be reserving artwork sight unseen and I’m embarking in a slightly new direction with abstract landscapes, I’m offering this work at a discount – from 30% up to 40% my normal prices.

African Landscape

How It Works

So here is how it works – you select the size of work you’d like to purchase and pay 1/2 up front using the paypal button below. When all of the artwork is completed, you get to pick the piece you’d like to purchase.

The order you will get to select your work will be determined by the order in which you reserve it. So first person to buy an ACEO will have the largest selection (although I promise you will have at least 5 pieces to choose from). So the sooner you reserve it the larger selection you will have at the end.

After you’ve picked out your artwork, you then pay the remaining 1/2 plus shipping and I’ll send you your art.

[If you don’t like any of my completed artwork when the project is over I will give your money back – no questions asked – so this is a no risk offer.]

I am only offering a limited number in each size, once all the pieces are reserved in a size

African Landscape

Reserve a South African Inspired Textile Painting Today

The preorder options is no longer available. If you’d like to purchase artwork from this project please check out this page: Dream.


Thank you so much for your support of my artwork!


PS – I’ve always donated/gifted 10% of my gross art sales to charities and art organizations. For this project I’ve decided to donate 10% of my gross sales to the Global Fund Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and an additional 5% to Books for Africa.

PSS – The photos on this page were taken by my father in 2006 in Zambia and Botswana. So not exactly South Africa, but same continent.

African Landscape