Collectible Small Art

These my textile paintings priced at $500 and less and includes work from all of my major series. These smaller textile paintings are created with the same process and attention to detail as my larger artwork and are priced with all budgets in mind.

They are grouped on pages by the series that inspired them.

Structures – Collectible small art in the Structures series, an in depth study of boundaries, walls, fences and other barriers.

Portals – Collectible small art in the Portals series, possibilities, openings and adventure.

Lines – Collectible small art inspired by both the Structures and Markings series.

Markings – Collectible small art in the Markings series, mark making translated into textiles.

Home – Collectible small art in the Home series, which ask the question: What makes a house a home?

Aceo – Original Artist Cards

Various – Artwork from a variety of small series.